Saint Cloud

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The Saint Cloud is a vintage discontinued style. There may be minor signs of wear and natural aging on the bag however all Saint Clouds are purchased in excellent second-hand, vintage condition with a clean interior and an unblemished exterior.

This is a custom, made to order bag. It will ship within 2 - 8 weeks after purchase.


GM Dimensions 8” x 9.5” x 2.5” (easily holds large wallet, sunglass case, keys, cell, lip gloss)

MM Dimensions 7" x 8" x 2.5" (easily holds card wallet, keys, cell, lip gloss)

The strap is braided round into flat along the top to lay more comfortably across the shoulder. Please feel free to reach out after purchase for a fitting consultation and we will note your order for you.

We recommend 46" for the average crossbody length strap.

For example, depending on your body type and where you like your bag to hang - a 5'9 person would want a 48" strap for the bag to sit on their hip crossbody. 

A 5'3 person would want a 44" strap for the bag to sit on their hip crossbody.

If you prefer your bag to sit below your hip we recommend sizing down 2". If you prefer your bag to sit above your hip we suggest sizing 2" up.

If you would like to add any notes to your order, please feel free to do so in the note box at checkout. If you would to speak with Client Associate please text or email for a reply. 

*** THE SOUTHERN GYPSY is not affiliated with Louis Vuitton, the LOUIS VUITTON brand, or Louis Vuitton Malletier S.A. in any way.  This product is a used, previously owned, or second-hand Louis Vuitton bag purchased lawfully on the secondary market and lawfully enhanced by the addition of artistic or ornamental designs. THE SOUTHERN GYPSY does not claim any rights in the LV symbol, the LOUIS VUITTON trademark, or any other related mark.